What Types of Bonds Are Available?

by admin October 23, 2015

Bonds are issued by federal, state, and local governments; agencies of the U.S. government; and corporations. There are three basic types of bonds: U.S. Treasury, municipal, and corporate. Treasury Securities Bonds, bills, and note issued by the U.S. government are generally called “Treasuries” and are the highest-quality securities available. They are issued by the U.S. […]

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What Is Whole Life Insurance?

by admin October 16, 2015

Most people are familiar with whole life insurance. For many years, whole life policies were the predominant type of life insurance sold in America. When you purchase a whole life policy, you traditionally pay a fixed premium for as long as you live or for as long as you keep the policy in force. In […]

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What Key Estate Planning Tools Should I Know About?

by admin October 9, 2015

By taking steps in advance, you have a greater say in how these questions are answered. And isn’t that how it should be? Wills and trusts are two of the most popular estate planning tools. Both allow you to spell out how you would like your property to be distributed, but they also go far […]

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What Is Tax Deferral?

by admin October 2, 2015

“Tax deferral” is a method of postponing the payment of income tax on currently earned investment income until the investor withdraws funds from the account. Tax deferral is encouraged by the government to stimulate long-term saving and investment, especially for retirement. Only investment vehicles designated as “tax deferred,” such as IRAs, plans covering self-employed persons, […]

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How Can I Keep My Money from Slipping Away?

by admin September 25, 2015

As with virtually all financial matters, the easiest way to be successful with a cash management program is to develop a systematic and disciplined approach. By spending a few minutes each week to maintain your cash management program, you not only have the opportunity to enhance your current financial position, but you can save yourself […]

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What Are My Retirement Planning Options?

by admin September 18, 2015

There are a variety of retirement planning options that can meet your needs. Your employer funds some; you fund some. Bear in mind that, in most cases, early withdrawals before age 59½ may be subject to a 10% federal income tax penalty. The latest date to begin required minimum distributions is usually April 1 of the year after you […]

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What Is Diversification?

by admin September 11, 2015

Virtually every investment has some type of risk associated with it. The stock market rises and falls. An increase in interest rates can cause a decline in the bond market. No matter what you decide to invest in, risk is something you must consider. One key to successful investing is managing risk while maintaining the […]

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What Is Term Life Insurance?

by admin September 4, 2015

Term life insurance is “pure” insurance. It offers protection only for a specific period of time. If you die within the time period defined in the policy, the insurance company will pay your beneficiaries the face value of your policy. Term insurance differs from the permanent forms of life insurance, such as whole life, universal […]

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How to claim money you didn’t know you have

by admin August 28, 2015

Did you know you could have money out there you didn’t even know you had? There are many ways this can happen — unclaimed wages, tax refunds, old bank accounts, legal settlements, etc. How do you collect? Beware of scams out there that charge you a fee to find out if you have unclaimed money. […]

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Grants and financial aid programs for going to school

by admin August 21, 2015

Wondering what your options are?  It may seem overwhelming, but here’s a video that explains what’s available to you:

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